Friday, July 01, 2005

Viva Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas!

We’ve had a busy couple of days. Last time I wrote Tim and I were planning to go to the Liberace Museum on Wednesday. We never quite made it as we trawled around looking for somewhere to serve breakfast in the morning and came back to the hotel for a nap at noon and suddenly it was 6pm. I think we had some sleep to catch up on. On Wednesday evening Tim and I went across the road to Paris (The Paris themed casino) at about 8pm. The others went off for tea at 6pm which Tim and I deemed an ungodly hour to dine – it was nothing to do with the massive full rack of ribs I’d had for brunch in the Harley Davidson Cafe at 11am that morning ;o). We had dinner in a French themed Italian style restaurant (get your head round that one) call La Provencal. The waiters and waitresses every so often would sing toe curlingly cheesy songs to the diners. As you might expect, this was greeted with rapturous applause from the diners. It appears you have to have a lot of talent to be a waiter/ress in this city. After dinner at about 10.30pm, we took a ride up to the top of the half scale sized Eiffel Tower to take in the view of Las Vegas at night. Our hotel was directly opposite so we could watch the Bellagio water fountain show from the top. All in all it was a lovely evening filled with American-style-Frenchness.

Wedding Bells!

Of course, Thursday was mainly filled with wedding activities. In the morning, we went off with Richard and Dave to have some breakfast and pass some time before the big event at 4pm. I made an appointment in the Bellagio hairdressers to get my hair put up at 1pm, and the rest of the afternoon was spent glamourising ourselves. 4pm rolled on and Richard and Lee were wed in the East Chapel of the Bellagio hotel with just immediate family present. Several hours were then spent taking millions of photos and then we went for a slap up posh meal in Circo in the Bellagio. We topped off the evening with a wander down to the front of the hotel to watch the water fountain show again.

1st of July 2005

Leaving Las Vegas

Today was our last full day in Vegas. Tim and I spent the first part of the day wandering about some other hotels we hadn’t visited yet (New York New York, Excaliber, and The Luxor). We then finally made it to the Liberace museum. The man liked to sparkle……

Now we are just waiting to go out to dinner in an hour for our last meal before jetting off to Toronto tomorrow.

Karen and Tim xxxxx


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Blogger lindy vlaar said...

My congratualtions to Richard and his beautiful bride, i hope they are as happy in life as they are in their photos, supprised news of this didnt reach me throught the Carluke grapevine, however it does run about 1.5 years behind times! I also wish you and Karen happiness,you look lovely together.
All the best Lindy Vlaar (nae McKenzie)


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