Tuesday, July 12, 2005


We spent 2 nights in Ottowa. We managed to find a hotel downtown straight away even though it was a Saturday evening. On our first evening we managed to catch/stumble upon the 10.30pm sound and light show at the Canadian Parliament buildings. It lasted half an hour, and images of Canadian history were projected on to the front of the buildings while a narrative told a brief history of Canada.
On our first full day we spent a lot of time at the Parliament buildings outside and in. We had a tour around the inside of the buildings. Their system of government is very similar to the UK, and the buildings are reminiscent of the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. The Canadian flags were at half mast throughout the city due to the bombings on London, which was a constant reminder. Later that afternoon we visited the Currency Museum, which we only had an hour to look around before closing - very interesting. With lots of very old Roman and other types of currency - some dating back more than 2000 years. On our second day on Ottowa we visited the museum of Civilisation. We only managed to see two sections of the museum as it was vast. There was a special exhibit on Pompei, which was excellent, and included lots of excavated artefacts and of course the famous plastercasts of people that died in the horrific event. We also managed to look round the first nation of Canada exhibit, which explained about the aborignal tribes that lived in Canada for thousands of years before Europeans came and colonised. We then buggered off out the city. The end.....


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