Sunday, July 03, 2005

Happy Birthday Mummy

Hi Mummy. Happy Birthday. I know this is technically a bit late but we were travelling all day from Vegas to Toronto. I hope you liked your presents.

Karen and Tim xxx


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you both, They were lovely. I had a lovely day - after I had finished work !!! I couldn't get the day off and it was a manic Saturday morning shift - still, I was only an hour and a half late leaving so it has been worse than that in the past. Went out for a curry and then watched Zulu with Rae and into bed at 12.30 to be up for work this morning. Wedding photos are lovely. I hope there are more. Must go to work!. Love Mum

Blogger Tim said...

Hello Mummy,
Glad you had a nice day :o) There are mullions of photos of the wedding (well several hundreds at least). We're now in Toronto, and will have a new update this evening (our time).


Anonymous Kev said...

Hi hi, waw! Not a single kilt in sight, shame on you all :op Great photos Tim, keep em coming! I am so jealous, I wish I was there :o( I hope you have a great time in Canada!



Blogger Tim said...

Well I couldn't turn up in a kilt if the others didn't could I? Besides, my Dad's English, and I'm too tight/poor to hire/buy one for this occasion...


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