Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Bright Lights Big City

Morning all. It’s 9.30am here. I’ve been awake since 4am and went to the gym at 6.30am so I’ve been up for a while. Tim finally got the weblog working after the disaster of the server at home crashing, huraaaah. Our hotel room at the Bellagio is positively palatial, our bath is bigger than our entire bathoom back home, and our room is just as big and lush. We’ve settled in here and yesterday we did what seems to be the only thing you can do in Vegas (other than gamble). That is tour round all the hotels which all have individual themes. I’ve lost count of the number of hotels we visited but we were truly shattered when we returned to the hotel at 5pm. We then went out to dinner with John and Marion (Lee’s parents), Richard and Lee, and Dave. We watched the water show outside the Bellagio then went to bed as we were exhausted. Rae will be pleased to know I have bought more than her requested amount of peanut butter M&M’s, and then some. I spent $30 on M&M’s, how is that possible?
Anyway I think today we are going to go to the Liberace museum today, but I must dash as we’ve got to meet Tim’s Dad for breakfast in a few minutes.

Karen & Tim xxxxx :o)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Waw! Sounds like you are getting plenty of exercise! mmmmmm peanut butter m&ms, my favourite :o)

Fake tan is fading thank goodness, however my knuckles and elbows are now a horrible dirty brown!

Have fun and don't go out without sun cream!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope some of those peanut butter
M&M's have my name on them. We are having a thunderstorm here at the moment - great crashes of thunder!! Great stuff. Take care, love you. Mum

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Karen and Tim, Las Vegas looks very cool from your photos, I especially like the one of all the sweets! Is that my collection of m&m's lining up in your hotel room? So when is the actual wedding then? Hope you enjoy wearing the pretty dress and necklace sis and hope the wedding is a graet bash!Nae much going on here except that Ally is going to Bosnia for 3months!!!He leaves 18 July and wont be back to mid October, so be prepared for some weekends together! Bosnia is low risk so he will be taking lots of photos on his camera and he will be working in a medical centre. Anyhoo, hope you and Tim are enjoying yourselves! Take care, love you and post you another comment at some point. mwa mwa mwa XXX Rae xxx

Anonymous JANE said...

p.s. You look a very 'Slim Tim' after your sailing trip - "suits you, sir"


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