Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Blogger takes the strain

Well, the server isn't responding to pings, so there are two possibilities:
1) The connection is faulty and will get better soon
2) The server has crashed (more probable), and needs to be reset. It's been getting quite unreliable recently and I'm wondering if there's a hardware fault in there somewhere (dodgy memory perhaps) since BSD shouldn't crash this often if it's healthy...

Anyhow, we've got this here blog thing instead, so change your bookmarks and keep up to date!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hiya! Glad to hear you made it there OK, nice photos, I am sure there are many hundreds to follow!!! Yeh, great idea Tim-nice-but-dim I'll just give your dad a call and he can hop over from the US to switch-off the alarm. The flat is fine anyway, I threw a serious party there last night and apart from a few stiletto marks on the woodedn floor everything is OK :o)

It is very hot here also, climbed Ben Venue yesterday and got toasted! Then I applied what I thought was after sun but was infact "skin conditioner with tanning agent" !!! I now look like a bloody Pakistani!!!!! My Polish guest (Adam) is having a serious problem opening his wallet, it is getting really f***ing anoying! He is quite prepared to stay the whole week with me without spending a penny!

Good news: I am graduating in July, not November :o)))

Any way, I hope all goes well on the big day! I also hope you get out of town and see the Grand Canyon in style, have a nice day now,



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